3D Design and Printing

Dates: July 16-19, 2018
Cost: $235
Lunch Included
Age Group: Boys and Girls Entering 6th, 7th & 8th
Time: 9am-2pm

This four day camp will take each middle school participant through the steps of designing and producing their own “3D product”.  To begin, each student will use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to create a 3D model of their product.  Students will learn good CAD design techniques and experience the power of parametric modeling.  The students will then use a 3D printer to produce working prototypes of their products, i.e. toys, for testing.  Finally, the students will revisit their CAD designs and try to make improvements which can then be 3D printed and tested again!
A growth mindset will be supported and reinforced throughout the camp as students brainstorm ideas, take risks, and reflect on and correct misconceptions in a fun and safe learning environment. 
Contact: mr.burhanna@hermits.com